Friday, August 28, 2009

Comics of the Week (8/26/09)

Batman: the Brave and the Bold - I'm not a big fan of the Great Ten so this issue was just so-so for me. The story was fine for this type of book and the art was certainly clean and sharp. But, not a high point.

Blackest Night: Titans #1 (of 3) - yowza! If any group in the DCU has suffered their share of deaths, it's the Titans. Which means this event mini is ripe for some great character interplay. Love the returns of the original Hawk, Terra and Lilith. That's just the tip of the iceburg, I am sure. But, the most creep - Donna's baby boy is back to haunt her. That rips right to the heart of any parent. Things are about to get really really ugly - I'm loving it!

the Flash: Rebirth #4 - we finally find up what's up with Barry and who is behind his problems. It isn't pretty. And no member of the Flash family is safe. Once more, Johns and Van Sciver deliver the goods to make this return of the first Silver Age hero a true epic event. I hope they continue to be the creative team on the relauched title too.

Green Lantern #45 - how can you have a GL issue without many GLs in it? Easy! The events of Blackest Night continue to swell as the Sinestro Corps, the Star Sapphires and Agent Orange all realize the BLs are after them too. I think something about circumstances leading to strange bedfellows might be coming into play very quickly.

Justice Society of America #30 - this issue was slightly better than last issue, but I'm still not fully on board with what Willingham is doing here. The cast was used a bit better than last time, but it seems like we're getting set up once more with an old vs. new dynamic. Yawn. Been there done that have the t-shirt.

Teen Titans #74 - we finally learn this issue who the latest deceased Titan is. Somehow, though, with Blackest Night ramping up, I don't think this one will stay dead for long. The Ravager back-up was more of the same. I'm starting to get a slight bit bored with it. I want to see this pick up faster.

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