Sunday, August 9, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 4 episode 7 and 8

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 4...


A4-7: Apocalpse, Now-ish (written by Steven S. DeKnight, airdate 11/17/02)

The Beast comes to LA, rising up from the very spot Connor was born. And just before its arrival, all hell breaks loose. Rats in the plumbing, suicide-bomber sparrows, cats lying down with dogs - the phones are ringing off the hook. Loren begs Angel to get Cordelia back, but he won't - that is until Connor comes around and begs for him to talk to her. Even then, Angel needs to go and pool resources with the enemy - and Lilah manages to provide a whole lot of info in a very random way. Gunn puts the puzzle together so they can find out what the Beast is doing and where he's doing it. Then, it is time for a big throw down between the guys and the Beast, who makes major mincemeat out of them. Not even Wes and his endless barrage of guns are enough. This is one serious threat. It brings down fire from the sky, making everyone think the end is near. Cordy foolishly offers to give Connor a real experience - and Angel gets an eyeful by spying on them from a nearby rooftop. Uh oh...

A4-8: Habeas Corpses (written by Jeffrey Bell, airdate 1/15/03)

Cordy wakes up and realizes what she has done - giving Connor the old "this can never happen again" talk. Yup, welcome to the 21st Century, kid. Connor goes to Wolfram and Hart to get some answers about himself - but he's been followed. Turns out the Beast wants W&H out of the picture, and it has its own idea regarding whole-sale staff reductions. When Lilah is almost killed, Wes comes to her rescue and manages to get her out alive. But there is a problem. She tells him that Connor is still up in the building, which is in lockdown mode. Angel leads the charge to save his son - but he won't let Cordy go (but he will put Fred in the thick of danger - nice guy there). What's worse than a building full of dead lawyers? How about a building full of zombie lawyers? Yup. Zombies are always fun. Nice of Gunn to put zombie-Gavin out of his misery. Nice to see the White Room one final time - even if the Beast is there already seeking answers from the little girl. She manages to save the gang - only for them to come to realize they're going to have their hands full stopping this menance. But let's make it harder, Angel - let's kick Cordy and Connor out. There's a smart move.

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