Friday, August 28, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 5 episodes 5 and 6

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 5...


A5-5: Life of the Party (written by Ben Edlund, airdate 10/29/03)

Halloween episodes are so much fun, especially when Loren is in charge of planning the W&H company party. Lots of great stuff in the episode. I love how Loren gets along so well with Harmony. I enjoy Eve being all mysterious and fun. And, of course, I love the side effects of Loren's subconscious projections due to his depriving himself of sleep. Like the "blood" demon noticing Gunn's change "mmmm, pee pee" - I had to giggle. And Alexis getting to do comedy again with he and Amy playing drunk. Nice. I even liked Spike being all "positive". All in all, a fun one-off episode.

A5-6: the Cautionary Tale of Numbero Uno (written by Jeffrey Bell, airdate 11/5/03)

Okay, I'm not a big fan of luchadores so this episode seemed a little screwy to me. I did like the tying in of the Mexican Day of the Dead. I love the humor Spike brought - going on the mission and getting the frontseat by calling "shotgun" (and Wes thinking that was weapons check - LOL). I also like the idea that maybe Spike and not Angel was the one being spoken of in the Shansu Prophecies. So, a little off beat with some good moments - but certainly not stellar. I'm hoping for more hits and less misses this season.

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