Sunday, June 1, 2008

Rest In Peace, Robert Aspirin

I just learned today that author Robert Aspirin passed away last week. Among his many published works was the series of Myth Adventures books, humorous fantasy tales that often used puns and wordplay to enhance the tales.

The first book in that series came out in 1979 and I remember picking it up at the Book Nook in my hometown of Dunkirk, NY. I found it to be similar in style to another author I had discovered at the time - Piers Anthony - similar yet different as well. Aspirin's books had a different kind of edge to them. I remember picking up the first half dozen or so as they came out during my high school and college years.

Along the way, I stopped following the author. I thinned out my book collection a number of times across the years as we moved, and I am sure I donated those paperbacks to a local library. Last year, I saw in the bookstore two huge volumes that collected most of those early books in the series. I picked them both up and have them on to-read pile.

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