Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hugger Mugger

Hugger Mugger, written in 2000, is Robert B. Parker's 27th Spenser novel. It is also the name of a race horse owned by the Clive family whom employ the Boston detective to investigate some horse shootings at their Georgia stable. When Spenser makes a trek down south, he finds an odd mystery and an even odder family.

I really enjoyed this novel a lot. There was an interesting cast of characters introduced in the mystery - from daughters Penny, Stonie and SueSue, to the husbands Pud and Cord to the town sheriff and even the characters brought in during the brief vignette when Spenser is off the case and back in Boston (before he gets right back involved in it again).

Parker definitely groomed this novel well and kept the excitement racing down to the final post (see how I threw in those horse racing analogies there - grin). Just when I was starting to feel a little bored with the series after so many books, this one renewed my interest again. Can't wait to dive into the next one.

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