Sunday, June 15, 2008

Comics of the Week (6/11/08)

Legion of Super-Heroes In the 31st Century #15 - Impulse comes to the animated LSH comic (at least for an issue). It was a nice introduction to the character for new readers, and a nice-way to tie him into the book.

Salvation Run #7 (of 7) - final issue, which really should have come out prior to Final Crisis beginning. It was an okay ending. We see the villains united against a common foe (Parademons). We see how the villains get home. We see how some of them survived while others did not. I liked the series well enough, though it could have used a bit more punch.

Trinity #2 - the second weekly issue was okay. The up-front part with the big three was just sort of slow, while the back-up tale with John Stewart (the GL, not the comedienne) was pretty good. I'm going to like this book if it keeps spotlighting other folks in the second half. Let the big three carry the sales. That's really what a weekly needs.

Gotham Underground #9 (of 9) - full mini series review coming later in the week!

Booster Gold #10 - "Blue and Gold" takes an interesting turn as the truth behind Booster's father is revealed. Plus, Ted Kord makes a fateful decision! This is clearly one of my favorite titles every month, so I am glad it is keeping up the magic as the first year nears an end. I'm hoping it continues the quality for another year.

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