Friday, June 27, 2008

Comics of the Week (6/25/08)

Final Crisis #2 (of 7) - I have to admit, I had to read this issue twice for a lot of it to make sense. I really wish Grant Morrison wouldn't write so confusing. I had problems with his stuff when he did Doom Patrol in the early 90's and then JLA in the late 90's. As for this issue, lots of stuff going on but waaaaay too many pages up front on the new Japanese heroes. I know they're his creations and he wants to spotlight them, but come on. This should be about the big guns. The final page of the issue helps, but I just hope that return is a permanent one.

Green Lantern #32 - continues "Secret Origin" with part 4. This is more than just the origin of Hal Jordan as GL, but also the origin of a lot of his foes too. A good issue, well-told and evenly paced. A nice breather of sorts before the next big epic.

Trinity #4 (of 52) - another good issue of this weekly. The story in both the main front and the backup continue to move nicely. If it were a monthly title, the pacing would be off - but for a weekly it rolls along fine. I love the 3-part poster covers so far. Nice touch. But three does not go into 52 evenly so something will give in the end.

Teen Titans #60 - the final chapter of the Terror Titans tale, and it was a great battle. As much as I love all these new villains, this new Clock King is very cool. I like that he's making himself a big villain for the Teen Titans. I'm also intrigued by the whole "Dark Side Club" subplot, which is really a side-tie-in to Final Crisis. The team of McKeever and Barrows make this a fun book each month.

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