Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Comics of the Week (6/18/08) part 1

A short listing this week - shorter than expected. Why? Diamond screwed up the local comic shops order, and the shop got two boxes meant for another shop (and the other shop got two of their boxes). What was in those two boxes? Stuff I would get like the Brave and the Bold, Tangent Superman's Reign and Showcase Presents: the Flash volume 2. Grumble grumble grumble. They said the books could be in as soon as tomorrow. I'm not holding my breath. That other shop is looking better and better. Strike two.

Meanwhile, on with the reviews of what I did get:

Batman and the Outsiders #8 - the mission to Russia comes to a head as the rescue team comes to save the day. Another good, solid issue. Enjoyed it a lot. Then I got the bad news from the Internet: Chuck Dixon is no longer writing for DC so the 12th issue of BATO will be his last on the title. Damn! I enjoyed his work here and he's going to be going? Looks like another book possibly I might be dropping. Really depends upon who comes onboard afterwards. If the change in creative team is too jarring, I'm out!

Justice League of America #22 - McDuffie picks up plot threads left over from Brad Meltzer's run like the fallout of Vixen's power-siphoning and Red Tornado getting back a body. Still, a solid issue with a lot of character dynamics. Enjoyed it a lot. Glad we're back to full length tales again.

Trinity #3 - picking up where last week ended, GL is downed by Konvict but the cavalry arrives! Wahooo! This shows the cohesiveness of the DCU nicely but even the cavalry needs a cavalry (aka - the Trinity - it is their weekly after all). Nice last panel of the lead story too. Dang. Kplow indeed! As for the back-up, some interesting new character plus the surprise and welcome return of an old face (someone from the Superman books from the late 80's and early 90's). This weekly is really taking advantage of the vastness of the DCU and that's a good thing. Solid stories by Busiek and Nicieza, and nice pacing in artwork by Bagley and Ordway.


KC Ryan said...

I admit, i haven't put Trinity on my pull list, but I picked up the first three issues and this is a fairly solid comic. Dang, I might just have to add this one to my ever shrinking pile.

Uh, it's really not much of a pile these days :)


Martin said...

My normal "monthly" pile is down to something like eight books. Now, add in the mini's and such and it gets a bit bigger. Still, less than 15 titles a month isn't so much a pile for me. That's why I like the weekly books so much - I really am getting like four books a month that way.