Sunday, April 27, 2008

Peter Perfect

We've started to watch Peter Perfect this past week or so.

No, I'm not talking about the number 9 car driver on the Wacky Races, a childhood favorite cartoon of mine from the 60's.

I'm talking about the show on the Style Network that stars Peter Ishkhans, a Beverly Hills stylist who goes around to small businesses and helps them reinvent themselves. And, no, Peter is not gay - he's English. I'm a huge fan of English accents and mannerisms and what not. Peter often wears an ascot. Very British, and very straight forward in his opinions.

So far, we've seen him reinvent a pet grooming business and a struggling candy store. Both were fun episodes, in a mindless reality show sort of way. The show runs Saturday evenings on Style, though we found with the DVR that we could record an earlier broadcast in the day and watch it at our leisure.


Jim McClain said...

Martin, now you have to start watching "Lost." I'm sorry, but if you have time to watch this, you have time to watch one of the best television shows ever.

Martin said...

Jim, I'll tell you why I don't want to get into "Lost" but I can get into something like this - three reasons:

1) "Lost" comes with a huge backlog - ie. I have to hunt down the DVDs of the past seasons to watch from the beginning. I don't want to shell out the money for something I might not like. If one of the ABC cable channels started showing the reruns from the beginning, I could record it and give it a viewing. Then if I hate it, I'm not out anything.

2) Shows like this are pretty much standalone - ie. one episode is not contingent upon the previous or next. If miss one, no loss. It's self contained.

3) This is the kind of show my wife enjoys so it allows us to share some time together on a common activity. She likes these "make-over" sort of shows. I like reality shows with everyday folks. So, it is a nice balance for us.

"Lost" may be the best show on television ever, but it won't suffer if I'm not watching it.

Anonymous said...

How can I contact Peter Perfect to submit a business that is in need of a makeover?

Martin said...

Anonymous, I have no idea how to contact the show. Try checking out the Style Network's website.

Robin said...

I adore Peter Perfect! Great show, great style. I can't wait for the next episode!

pen said...

I love this show, it has given me a great sense of style. i have added it into my business and it has really helped in changing my image. The first comment i hear when someone enters my office is "this is a lovely place". Peter thank you very much for adding perfection into my life. You rock!!