Thursday, April 17, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Top 7 Results

Well, I almost had the split right - if you swap Jason for David Archuleta (David being the one who would have to pick groups) and then Kristy Lee for Carly. Gotta hand it to Ryan and the powers that be for pulling that "I have too many cooks in the kitchen" bit. That shook the groups up at the last minute.

Bottom three - Syesha, Brooke and Kristy Lee, and Kristy Lee says goodbye. Not too surprised if I think about it. Like Michael Johns last week, Kristy Lee has had an album shot in the past that didn't pan out too well. If this pattern continues, Carly could be the one to go next week - assuming Brooke doesn't step up her game (this is two weeks in a row for Brooke in the bottom).

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