Friday, April 18, 2008

Comics of the Week (4/16/08) - part 2

Tangent: Superman's Reign #2 continues the 12 part mini series where the Justice League crosses over to the Tangent Earth, only to find their Superman has become a supreme dictator. The tale is unfolding at a good pace, and a short back-up feature is there to fill in the historical pieces for those who missed the earlier Tangent mini's (or forgot them in the past 10 years as I have).

Batman and the Outsiders #6 keeps up the action and espionage. Chuck Dixon writes these charcters well and moves the story at a good clip. I'm glad to have added this title to my monthly pull list.

the Brave and the Bold #12 sports another Perez cover, but once again Jerry Ordway is filling in on the art chores. I'm guessing this was so Perez could go off and do the 3 Legions mini with Geoff Johns this summer. Still, a nice wrap up the 12-part epic that began with this book's new run. But have the heroes screwed up by stopping Megistus? Time will tell!

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