Wednesday, April 23, 2008

American Idol 2008 - Top 6 Performances

Another mentor with a theme week - this time the music of Andrew Lloyd Weber. And this is where we divide the big voices from the rest of the pack - since Broadway show tunes require big voices and the ability to convey the emotion of the words.

Syesha - a very good performance. Clearly animated is the way she needs to go because it shows some personality and emotion. Was it enough to keep her out of the bottom? The singing was, but I don't know if she's connected enough with the fans to keep her afloat.

Jason - not good. He's never seen Cats but knows the song "Memories" - so did he have enough emotion to pull it off? Not for me I'm afraid. But his fan base is solid so he could be fine.

Brooke - this competition is wearing on her and it shows. She started to take ALW's advice but when she lost the lyric and restarted all she could do was focus on the words not to screw up again, and that lost the emotional connection needed to hit it out of the park. Surprisingly, Randy and Simon understood her restart while Paula reamed her for it. Go figure. This could be Brooke's swan-song I'm afraid.

David A. - a very good vocal with some emotion but not enough. I don't think he has the life experience to draw from and it shows. He's going through the motions. Still, good enough to survive another week - and you saw his fan base (the young teen girls). He's so safe.

Carly - I am glad she moved from a song from Phantom of the Opera to one from Jesus Christ, Superstar. Her performance worked well. ALW knows how to get the best out of performers. I enjoyed it.

David Cook - ah, he does have musical theatre background and the chops to pull it off nicely. A nice change of pace for him. I enjoyed it.

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