Friday, April 25, 2008

Comics of the Week (4/23/08)

Countdown to Final Crisis #1 - ugh. For a final issue of a year long weekly mini series, that was just awful. Basically you've got seven or so characters who've been through this world-hopping ringer and seen worlds die and they're all in a funk. What do they do? Half of them team up to keep an eye on those they think were behind it all. Ugh. (I plan a full overview of Countdown now that it is over later in the weekend - with what I liked and didn't like - check back then for that.)

Justice League of America #20 - a nice single issue by McDuffie and Van Sciver. The story was okay - a smaller moment with just two heroes involved and one villain. It read a lot more like an issue of the Flash though. The art was very nice.

Book of the week - the Death of the New Gods #8. This mini series ended with Darkseid going toe-to-toe with the Source while Superman is helpless to watch. Superman isn't always so helpless, but in the presence of gods he's a little out-classed. I liked this mini well enough. My only complaint is that its final issue came out AFTER the resolution with Darkseid in Countdown last week. Couldn't scheduling have gotten the releases in line? Sloppy. Also, a number of things in this mini didn't jive with Countdown, but I'll blame the later and not Jim Starlin for that (again, see my Countdown overview later in the weekend).

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