Tuesday, August 14, 2007

When The Good Die Young


Comic book artist Mike Wieringo passed away of a heart attack over the weekend. His art style was much more 'cartoony' compared to all the grim-gritty realists that came out to prominence in the 90's. I always felt his art was very much in tune with the comics I grew up reading in the 70's. His loss to the comic community at such a young age will be missed. (Mike's web page and blog: http://www.mikewieringo.com/ )

What is really sad is that he was only 44 years old. He is described by friends as having been in great health. His heart attack came out of nowhere - and he could not get treatment in time. That really just further shows that you never know when your time could come up.

As someone who was surprised by a heart issue (just before I turned 40), I totally understand the "you just don't know". The key is to catch things, when possible, before they can turn into a serious problem down the road. I was lucky. I cannot stress enough how important annual physicals are when you reach a certain age. When we are young, we don't think of those things. We think we're invincible. We go out and party, perhaps drive when we shouldn't - don't think twice about how we're eating, etc.

Give yourself the best gift you can - take care of yourself. If not for you, then for your loved ones and friends. Me, I've got my annual cardiologist appointment this morning. I'll update you all soon on how it goes (and more details on my own heart story).

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apachedug said...

omigosh, this is the first I've heard of it--I can't believe it Martin. It's strange to read his last post on August 10, just a couple days before. How scary and tragic.

And speaking as a 44 year old myself..it really makes one think.