Monday, August 6, 2007

That Times Again

Well, once again it is time for a new edition of the Clobberin' Times Online, of which my own World of Maenza is a regular part of.

The CTO is the follow on to the paper APA (amateur press association) for the Champions role-playing-game that myself and a number of other folks were part of for many years. The full history, as told by my good friend Mike, outlines that nicely in the first CTO. I myself came on board to the APA in it's second year and was a part of it through the rest of the run.

Besides being a great place for us to share our stories, our game campaign adventures and awesome art we've gotten, it was a place about friendships. Folks who lived thousands of miles apart - some who had never met face to face until many years later - just sharing things they had in common as well as their own personal triumphs and tragedies. It started out about the game but came something a lot more. I truly value the friendships that came out of the original Clobberin' Times.

And I am happy that outlet continues today in a more modern approach. I enjoy sharing my stories and ideas with however runs across the site. I may never work in comic books as a writer, something I wanted to do as far back as 5th grade, but at least I can bring forth the stories that build inside my head and present them to whomever will read them. I find it a great creative outlet.

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