Sunday, August 26, 2007

Comic of the Week (8/22/07)

Not a lot to chose from this week. My comic shop didn't order enough of Green Lantern Corps #15 (hopefully they'll get more next week or the book will go into second printing, given it is part of a hot storyline running back and forth in the Green Lantern titles). JSA Classified #29 really really stunk, IMHO, due to a cliched story arc and very amateur looking artwork (and, oh joy! - it was only part one of three - I just might have to skip the next two issues, even if it risks breaking up the run - it was just that bad!).

Now, to be fair, I haven't read Showcase Presents Wonder Woman vol. 1, a black and white reprint volume the size of a small phone book (over 500 pages), yet - so I can't allow it to qualify. My reprint volumes have been stacking up while I work my way through the Harry Potter novels (that just gives me stuff to look forward to when I'm done).

That leaves me with one book as this week's winner.

Countdown #36 kicks off with an awesome cover of Mary Marvel and Zatanna. For those not in the know, Countdown is a weekly book that follows a number of characters as their storylines criss-cross with the rest of the DC Universe and themselves. Like 52 previously, Countdown is running for a full year - and it's numbering is in reverse as it "counts down" to Final Crisis next May. What made the issue for me is the battle between Mary and Zatanna, two heroines now put at odds. The other fun part of the book was watching the Trickster and the Pied Piper (enemies of the Flash) try to bluff their way out of being held prisoner by Poison Ivy (an enemy of Batman's). Oh, and there is a nice two-page origin recap of the villain who pops up on the last page of the book. Nice touch, DC.

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