Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Comic of the Week (8/15/07)

Last week had a couple really great comic books which came out. It was a close call as far as which was the best, for me.

There was Justice League of America #12, the final issue of best-selling novelist Brad Meltzer's run on the book. This issue featured a tale called "Monitor Duty" which gave some quieter moments with the cast and setting up a few things for the next writer. The book loses points though because the beautiful Alex Ross cover is split - so you have to buy both books to get the full image. I'd rather it had been a wrap-around cover myself.

Then there was Brave and the Bold #6, the final part of the Lords of Luck epic. This one featuring the always stunning art of George Perez as Batman and Green Lantern get back together on Rann to try to secure the Book of Destiny (with a little help from Supergirl, Adam Strange and some surprise guest-stars).

But, the winner of "comic of the week" title has to go to Booster Gold #1. Please applaud - Booster would appreciate it. This is the first issue launch of a new series. Geoff Johns is at the helm as the writer and Dan Jurgens, Booster's creator, returns to the art chores. For those unfamiliar, Booster Gold is a man from the future who comes back to the past to try to turn his life around. He does this with borrowed technology. His original plan was to come back and be a big media star. What he ended up doing was becoming a hero. This new series teams him up with Rip Hunter, the time master. These two men are the only ones that know that the multiverse is back, and Rip needs Booster to be his field agent to insure that all time and history on these 52 universes keeps staying intact as it should. But someone is out there trying to mess it all up. This series, due to the potential in plotlines and character crossovers - both past, present and future - looks like a wild rollercoaster ride of fun.

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