Monday, October 28, 2013

Vandenberg - Heading For a Storm

Today (October 28th) marks the thirtieth anniversary of Heading For a Storm, the second studio album from the Dutch rock band Vandenberg. Following their self-titled debut (click here for that review) from 1982, this 1983 release peaked at number 169 on the US Billboard Album chart.

First off, how cool is that cover? Adrian Vandenberg illustrated it himself. Sharks flying down the highway is something you don't see every day. Man, I miss old-school covers.

The first side starts with “Friday Night”, a rocking party anthem. It is very reminiscent of Loverboy’s “Working for the Weekend” thematically.

“Welcome to the Club”, with a pounding drum opening, puts a positive spin on being single again.

“Time Will Tell” is up next. Its music keeps the energy high, something I really liked about their first album too.

Things slow down with the ballad “Different Worlds”, which was released as a single. I like the acoustic guitar on this one.

Side two begins with “This Is War”, a declaration of having enough abuse in a relationship. I found it interesting to pick up a cuss word in the chorus on this one - clearly that kept it from some radio airplay here in the US in the early 80’s.

The mid-tempo “I’m on Fire” tells of a guy who hangs around his girlfriend’s house until she comes out.

The thundering title track “Heading For a Storm” is next. I am not completely sure I followed the whole story on a first listen (time to use the Internet to look up those lyrics).

“Rock On”, as you would suspect, rocks on with its appreciation of the heavy metal genre.

The acoustic guitar is back at the start of “Waiting for the Night”, the closing number. But if you are expecting another ballad, you will be disappointed. This one explodes with a storm after the calm.

As I said about their debut, I really like the music that Vandenberg lays down here on Heading For a Storm; some of the solos are pretty cool. The lyrics, once again, though are just average; I suspect there is some loss in the translation to English.

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