Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Peter Godwin - Correspondence

This months marks the thirtieth anniversary of Correspondence, the first full-length album from Peter Godwin. It was released in late 1983, a year after his EP Dance Emotions (click here for that review).

Side one begins with “Baby’s in the Mountains”, a song about escaping to clear ones a head and figure out where to go next. It was released as the lead single from the album. I do remember the video for this one floating around MTV in early 1984 as well as hearing it on the local college radio station.

“The Art of Love”, the B-side to the second single, keeps up that mid-tempo dance beat that worked well for Godwin.

The second single from the album was “Window Shopping”. It opens with a synth fanfare before sliding into a swinging, island rhythm.

“Soul to Soul” speaks to that deep spiritual connection between lovers.

Side two opens with “Young Pleasure”, a slow tempo ballad of a man falling in love with a woman much younger than he and it in invigorates him.

“The Dancer” picks things up with a turn and a sway, exploring the art of flirtation through the dance.

The title track “Correspondence” is up next. It has a bit of a funky bass riff to it.

“Over Twenty-One” touches upon the realizations of what it means to be an adult legally.

“Soul of Love”, the closing ballad, was also the B-side to the first single.

Peter Godwin definitely has that whole Bryan Ferry vibe going here on Correspondence. The songs all feature a heavy synth element to the compositions and a romantic overtone to the lyrics.

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