Friday, October 11, 2013

Sylvia - Snapshot

Following 1982’s Just Sylvia (click here for that review), the American country singer Sylvia Jane Kirby released her follow up Snapshot. It charted at number 77 on the US Billboard Album chart, number 62 in Canada and number 7 on the US Billboard Country chart. Today we will look at that 1983 release to mark its thirtieth anniversary.

Side one starts with the title track. “Snapshot” was released as the first single, and it charted at number 5 on the US Billboard Country chart and number 3 on the Canadian Country chart. The lyrics tell of a woman finding a photograph with lipstick on it in her cheating husband’s things. She plans to use the picture as evidence in the divorce.

The B-side to the first single was “Tonight I’m Getting’ Friendly with the Blues”. It tells of the aftermath of a break-up, where a woman is feeling a bit down about being alone.

“Winter Heart” is a chilling piano ballad about a man who keeps himself closed off after a bad relationship and the woman who yearns to help him feel again.

“Bobby’s in Vicksburg” is a historical love story, set in the South of 1863 during the Civil War. I like the up-tempo rhythm to this one even though it is a tragic tale.

Things slow down again with the love ballad “Gone But Not Forgotten”.

Side two opens with “The Boy Gets Around”, which was released as the second single. It hit number 18 on the US Billboard Country chart and number 7 on the Canadian Country chart. Again, she talks about a cheating guy but she is confident she can change his ways. The tune has a catchy up-tempo hook with a slight rock vibe.

“Who’s Kidding Who” was released as the B-side to the second single. The lyrics are a message to a former boyfriend, telling him that his former girlfriend is not going to come running back into his arms. But is she convinced that is really what she wants?

“Jason” has a gentle and beautiful melody, perfect for Sylvia to convey the emotions of a woman so in love with the father of her child. I suspect, though, given the hints of pain in her voice that Jason is not available to settle down with her.

“So Complete”, the B-side to the third single, is next.

“I Never Quite Got Back (From Loving You)”, the final track, was also the third single from the album. It went to number 3 on the US Billboard Country chart and number 2 on the Canadian Country chart.

Snapshot delivers some soap opera inspired stories, set to appealing country rhythms. As with her other earlier releases, these tracks are very tough to find. A few are sprinkled here in there in collections, but a majority of the album has yet to see a digital release.

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