Monday, June 30, 2014

Honeymoon Suite - Honeymoon Suite

This month marks the thirtieth anniversary of the self-titled debut album from Honeymoon Suite. It spent seventeen weeks on the US Billboard Album chart, peaking at number 60. In Canada, it climbed all the way to number 38.

The band included Ray Coburn (keyboards and vocals), Dermot Gehan (lead guitar and vocals), Johnny Dee (lead vocals and guitar), Gary Lalonde (bass and vocals) and Dave Betts (drums).

Side one opens with the hit first single "New Girl Now", which charted at number 57 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and number 23 in Canada. It has a strong, rocking beat with a raw, primal feel. Growing up in western New York, we heard this track a lot on the radio back in 1984, and it played quite a bit around the college campus in Rochester too.

Next up is "Burning Love", a mid-tempo song about rekindling an old flame. Released as the second single, it reached number 75 in Canada.

"Wave Babies", the fourth single, hit number 59 in Canada during the summer of 1985. This one has a chill, laidback sway to it that brings to mind relaxing at the beach. The synth solo carries you along like a gentle wave.

The third single was "Stay in the Light"; it charted at number 44 in Canada in early 1985. The song tells of a construction worker patiently who keeps his focus on his future target.

An enticing woman spins a web on "Now That You Got Me".

Side two begins with "Funny Business", an energetic number about a cheating girlfriend. This one had my foot bouncing along to the drumbeats.

"Heart On Fire" is up next.

"Turn My Head" was the B-side to the second single.

The B-side to the first single was "It's Your Heart", a song about listening to your heart in life and love. This track features a bit more synth than the last couple.

"Face to Face", the gently flowing closing ballad, was the B-side to the third single.

Outside of the lead cut, a majority of Honeymoon Suite was new to me with this review. Thanks to Spotify for having it up to listen to. I certainly liked what I heard and will be considering picking up a few more tracks via download purchase in the future.

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