Sunday, September 6, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 5 episodes 11 and 12

Continuing my viewing/reviewing of Angel season 5...


A5-11: Damage (written by DeKnight and Goddard, airdate 1/28/04)

This episode had some dark imagery with Dana, the awaken and crazed victim of torture. Turns out she was a potential that got activated by Willow's spell in the Buffy finale. That doesn't bode well for Angel and Spike, especially the later who suffers greatly at her hands (no pun intended) but comes to realize a bit about himself, the nature of evil, and his victims of the past. Hilarious is the return of Andrew as the "expert" sent by Giles to help the W&H gang. Love how Andrew puts Wes in his place and how he is uncontrollably happy to see Spike alive. In the end, thoug, it is Andrew that gets to deliver the crushing blow to Angel and the gang - they are no longer on the same side as Buffy and the Slayers and they are no longer trusted. Ouch. The truth stings.

A5-12: You're Welcome (written by David Fury, airdate 2/4/04)

This episode is great for a number of reasons. First, the return of Cordelia from her coma (yeah!!!) and her presence, her true character, has been missing from this show since early season 4. Next, Eve gets roughed up a bit by Harmony no less (hey, she's evil - she can get away with it). Once again, Harmony delivers the humor even in a tense situation. Finally, Lindsey's plot is revealed and he gets what is coming to him - but not until we get an awesome fight in the core of W&H. Nice. Of course, the end of the episode is very bittersweet as we learn the true fate of Cordelia - but not before she has done her final deed which is to get Angel back on track to his true mission and true purpose. Finally! Again, this is what the show has been missing as the gang has continually strayed from their path with the temptations of the evil empire law firm. I'm looking forward to how the second half of the season spins out.

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