Sunday, July 5, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 3 / Buffy season 6 episode 12

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 3 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6...

*** SPOILERS ***

A3-12: Provider (written by Scott Murphy, airdate 1/21/02)

Angel Investigations learns the hard way that not all cases are what they appear to be and that the lure of money isn't going to support their true mission. It is interesting to see the developing attractions that both Wesley and Gunn are getting toward Fred - but two guys and one girl...well, you do that math. Good to see Lorne getting into a regular role, but the man clearly has some alcohol issues to face. In the end, though, they save their own and make $50K for their trouble - not bad considering. Closing scene: what an interesting family Angel, Cordelia and Conner make.

B6-12: Doublemeat Palace (written by Jane Espenson, airdate 1/29/02)

First, any episode that starts out with Anya giving another installment of "Go, Money, Go" is all good to me. Of course, Buffy is getting her first job and finding out what many of us as teenagers already did - first jobs suck big time. Of course, she sees the weirdness in everything (and I'm not talking about that double "meat" burger of "cow" and "chicken"). Meanwhile, Anya gets a visit from an old friend (Halfrek, another vengeance demon) and she starts to have some doubts creeping in about her relationship with Xander. Willow has to face her own demons after Amy "gifts" her a little magic; Willow was so in the right to threaten Amy, but that just might come back to bite her later on. Kind of a fun episode that had an earlier season Buffy feel to it. Oh, and the featurette "Buffy Goes to Work" was cute too with everyone chiming in about first jobs. Mine was stalking ice cream half gallons in a giant freezer during the summer after my freshmen year of college. Brrrrr.

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