Sunday, July 12, 2009

DVD review - Angel season 3 / Buffy season 6 episode 16

Continuing my viewing and reviewing of Angel season 3 and Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6...

*** SPOILERS ***

A3-16: Sleep Tight (written by David Greenwalt, airdate 3/4/02)

Wes should have known that when Holtz offered him a bite of the apple that this was clearly a "Garden of Eden" reference. Still, Wes is blinded by concern over Connor that he fails to realize that his own betrayal of his friends would be quickly mirrored by betrayal by the enemy. Not good and something that is going to present a problem in future episodes (assuming Wes survives that slashing to the neck from Justine). Meanwhile, we see what levels Lilah will stoop too - tainting Angel's pigs-blood stock with the blood of his own son (twisted). Of course, everyone wants the baby except Sahjhan who just wants him dead. Still, the twist comes when Holtz does something no one suspected - takes the baby into another dimension, leaving a very grieving father Angel. This season just gets better and better.

B6-16: Hell's Bells (written by Rebecca Rand Kirshner, airdate 3/5/02)

Man, talk about dysfunctional family. It is a wonder Xander turned out halfway decent given his parents and such. Sad. Even sadder - the gushing bride Anya gets left at the altar. She clearly loved Xander, but his own fears of what he might become - even if those future images were faked - lead to a very unhappy ending for the couple. Loved how Dawn is very uncomfortable around Halfrek now. A shame Halfrek didn't get a scene with Spike before he and his skank date took off. Oh, and Buffy cannot stall/lie worth a darn. And, in the end, we are left wondering - will Anya, now scorned, go back to her path of being a vengeance demon? I hope not as I really enjoy this secondary character a lot.

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