Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wild for Wings

This morning, my son and I had a special outing. First, we hit the local GameSpot and Best Buy stores to spend a little of the cash we got for Christmas on some new games. Second, though, was a lunch stop to one of our favorite restaurants here in town - Buffalo Wild Wings.

It seems that on weekdays from 11am until 2pm, they have a special. All you can eat wings and buffalo chips (potato disks-like-fries) for $9.99 per person. So, we decided to go for some good eating. They started us out each with a dozen wings. Okay, no problem there. Usually when we go he and I split an order of 18 wings - nine apiece. So, eating three more was no issue. After the first round, we decided to get a bit more. They bring the additional ones out six at a time. So, we each got another six.

Well, I managed to get eaten my seventeenth wing before I was full. My twelve-year old son, who was so sure he could keep up, got full after his fifteenth. So much for the kid besting the old man (for now...).

It was a nice father-son bonding moment on our vacation.


KC said...

Seventeen wings?

Not bad...

for a Southerner! :)

Sound slike you and your son bonded over my second favorite food (fave? Beef on Weck - not that you can get that anywhere around here).

I suppose you would expect this ex-Buffalonian to regale you with how much better the wings are in the Buffalo area...

Well, no, actually. Buffalo Wild Wings opened an outlet here and I think their wings are darn good. Better than any other place in town, which admittedly is not many :). And I haven't tried Wing Street yet. But the Buffalo Wild Wings are really good and tasty, and occasionally I head on over to the mall parking lot and just eat wings to my content.

When I lived in Buffalo I could eat wings like a true hog. I think my record after moving to Chicago is only twenty or so.


Martin said...

KC, as someone who lived in Buffalo and two hours each way for 22 years of my life, I can tell you I know about the wings too. But you knew that. ;)

Yeah, I've had good and I've had bad ever since leaving Western New York. Luckily BWW is in the good category.

I remember the days of coming home from college for 10 cent wings on Tuesday nights. My friends and I would drop in about 8pm, have a dozen or so each with a few beers before our night out. Ah, the past.

I think seventeen was my limit just due to my getting up there in age and such. My diet couldn't take that much at one shot - it was screaming at me "what is this? we're watching calories here!" ;)

KC said...

My usual is just ten now, without anything else ( that used to be warm-up for pizza!)... blame an old guy's stomach on that one.

Actually, I'm kind of pleased that I no longer eat like I did in college and the post-college years. A Lou Malnotti's individual pizza is fine, and often I don't even finish that.

I tend to eat larger lunches and lesser dinners now. But when I do feel like a good couple of wings I head over to Buffalo Wild Wings!

Hey, we ex-WNYers gotta stick together! :)