Saturday, December 29, 2007

Comics in December pt. 9

Another huge week - seems the companies are pushing out the items before 2007 ends. So, here's another trio reviewed from yesterday's pick-up:

JSA Classified #33 - this is the second part of the Green Lantern (Alan Scott) holiday tale. In the last issue, Vandal Savage taunted GL by stealing GL's powers and "resurrecting" GL's daughter Jade through the lifeforce of a small girl. Anyone who knows classic heroes knows how this one would end, as did I, but the writer was going for the emotional tug to reach that end. It didn't quite ring as true to me as it should have. Ah well.

Teen Titans #54 - finally the end of the "Titans of Tomorrow...Today" storyline. Man, was this all drawn out. Yeah, I know, this is the age of the trade paperback so stories often get pulled out to four parts. But this one did not benefit from that. At least the art by Eddy Barrows and company (the book had three pencillers total and four inkers, but it was pretty seamless through out) was okay.

Countdown to Final Crisis #18 - we haven't seen him since he vanished at the end of Identity Crisisbut now, finally, we learn where Ray Palmer went and what he's been up to. The entire issue is devoted to this and the story makes perfect sense all the way around. Kudos. If you're a fan of the silver age Atom, this is a must-read issue (oh, and that cliffhanger ending will want you to read next issue too). The villain two-page origin in the back is of Dr. Light who is the catalyst of all the Identity Crisis events too - so that is rather fitting to put his story in this issue as well.

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