Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Rose (soundtrack) (35th anniversary)

Welcome to another edition of Soundtrack Sunday.

Today (February 15th) marks the thirty fifth anniversary of the release of the soundtrack from The Rose, a rock drama starring Bette Midler (in her acting debut) which told the tale of a 1960’s rock star who was struggling with the pressures of her career and demands from her business manager. The story was loosely based on the life of Janis Joplin, and the film was nominated for four Academy Awards. The soundtrack album, which features Midler on vocals, reached number 12 on the US Billboard Album chart with a forty-five week total run on the chart.

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HERC said...

Not a Bette Midler fan (just don't get her) but "The Rose" gets to me every damn time. Never saw the movie nor heard the soundtrack but the song would come on WLS and, if I was alone, I would sing along. Bringing it up now, here I go again. Let's keep this just between me and you Martin.

Mark said...

I've never seen the movie or heard the full soundtrack, but that single was all over the radio back then and the ladies loved it. If there's ever a lull at a cocktail party with people of a certain age, pose the following question: "What's the worst ballad ever - The Rose by Bette Midler or Beth by Kiss?" It's a great conversation starter.

Maybe my dislike for that song stems from having to perform a boring arrangement of it in high school marching band [yawn].