Monday, July 7, 2014

Book Review: Cop Town

In Atlanta of 1975, a city police department is in turmoil when yet another officer is killed by a serial killer. This makes the first day for Officer Kate Murphy even more hectic. The beautiful young woman from Buckhead quickly learns that there is a "good old boy" system in place that is very sexist and protective of its turf. She finds that even her fellow female officers are not about to cut her any slack unless she earns it. Will she bond with fellow officer Maggie Lawson, who has her own reputation to prove - especially to her uncle and brother who are also officers?

Cop Town is that latest release from New York Times bestseller Karin Slaughter. This standalone novel touches upon the changing times of the mid-70's by mixing in humor, violence, sexual overtures, and social upheavals into a fast-paced thriller.

This was the first novel by Slaughter that I have read, and I found her writing style to be engaging. I was quickly pulled into the story by the characters and story. She pulls no punches here. The situations are very real and intense; the dialogue is very coarse as expected from the world of police officers. One might challenge the representations of people, thinking that the stereotypes are a bit heavy-handed. But having grown up in the 70's myself (albeit in the north), I can easily vouch for the racial prejudices and tensions that are reflected in this work. The 70's were anything but politically correct.

If you enjoy stories with strong female leads, Cop Town might be just what you are looking for. You can find it available at your favorite book store or online bookseller.

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