Tuesday, December 24, 2013

The Plimsouls - Everywhere At Once

July of 1983 saw the release of Everywhere At Once, the second full length studio album from the California band the Plimsouls. Having only spent four weeks on the US Billboard Album chart, it peaked at number 186. Today, I will give this one a spin in honor of its thirtieth anniversary this year.

The band roster consisted of Peter Case (guitar and vocals), Eddie Munoz (guitar and vocals), Dave Pahoa (bass and vocals) and Lou Ramirez (drums and percussion).

Side one starts with the up-tempo “Shaky City”.

I like the percussion specifically on “Magic Touch”; it really lays down a solid foundation for the track.

“Oldest Story in the World” was released as a single from the album in 1983. The A-side was done in mono while the B-side was done in stereo, which was a very interesting choice. The lyrics, sung in a regretful and resigned way, tell of a relationship that has fallen apart.

“Lie, Beg, Borrow, and Steal” instantly reminds me of the song “Dirty Water” by First Offense from 1980. They both have a similar rhythm and guitar riff to them.

“Play the Breaks” closes out the first half on an up-tempo note. My head is bobbing right along with it as I type this.

Side two begins with the question “How Long Will It Take?”

“A Million Miles Away” helped propel the band further thanks to its inclusion in the film Valley Girl from April of that year. The single went to number 82 on the US Billboard Hot 100 in 1983. The song was actually one of the first singles they ever released, back in 1981, but it failed to get a lot of notice at the time. If you mention the band, this is likely the one track that most folks will know. This one got a lot of airplay particularly on the college radio stations I listened to back in 83/84; it was a fun song to dance to as well.

“My Life Ain’t Easy” is up next. It has a late 1960’s British Invasion rock sound to it.

“Inch By Inch” is a mid-tempo mantra on coping, taking things day by day and inch by inch.

“I’ll Get Lucky” was the B-side to the 1981 single release.

The record closes with the title track “Everywhere At Once”, which actually appeared on the Valley Girl soundtrack album. The track has a strong guitar sound and driving drum beat. The lyrics reflect wild partying ways of young people living life to the fullest in the edgy night spots of Los Angeles.

The CD release includes a bonus track, the instrumental entitled "Hobo".

This would be the last release for the Plimsouls in the 1980’s; they broke up shortly after this one. Their next album of all-new material would not come until 1997.

Of course, I knew the track “A Million Miles Away” prior to this review, from as far back as my college radio listening days. However, I found the rest of Everywhere At Once to be equally enjoyable. I had it on my save-for later list on emusic for awhile so now it the time for me to download it so I can hear it again and again. You can check it out for yourself over on Spotify.

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HERC said...

Pretty sure I recorded this one on the flipside of a tape that had the Payola$ album No Stranger To Danger. Both were favorites back then though it has been awhile since I listened to either album.

You can pick up the Plimsouls CD for a little over $5 on Amazon. Don't think the latter has ever made it to CD, though.