Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (soundtrack) (35 anniversary)

Today (July 23rd) marks the thirty-fifth anniversary of the release of Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band, the soundtrack to the 1978 musical starring Peter Frampton, the Bee Gees and more.

Click here for my thoughts on the film and the album.


HERC said...

Movie is a complete and total failure but I watch err listen to it often. It is stinky cheese.

Soundtrack is a testament to the power of the songs of Lennon/McCartney.

Martin Maenza said...

As a HUGE Bee Gees fan in the late 70's, this was a must-see for me with no questions asked. I enjoyed it with all its colorful crazy cheese. I even owned the paperback novel (now long gone) which actually went into a lot more depth for the story (having actual dialogue and such).

HERC said...

"stinky cheese" was a compliment:)

I have the paperback by Henry Edwards although when I looked it up right now (thanks for the reminder) I found out it's the British version with a white cover instead of the US version which has a black cover. Neither one seems particulary rare or in demand - several of each are on ebay now if you're interested in reacquiring a copy. Mine has a discolored patch on back cover - maybe water damage.

The white one features the Bee Gees and Frampton on the cover while the black one features them plus George Burns on the cover. I've never been to the UK but many of my neighbors growing up on US Airbases had spent time there so I probably got it in a trade somehow. I used to collect movie novelizations but I only have three now: Grease, American Graffiti and Sgt. Pepper.

I also have this with my mailing label still barely stuck to the cover. Have the whole run of sixteen Pizzazz magazines: The first four I bought at corner market and the last 12 I got via subscription although some of the mailing labels have fallen off. In addition to my 100+ copies of MAD, that box also has a bunch of copies (maybe four dozen?) of Scholastic's Dynamite and Bananas magazines. You ever get those? I loved getting stuff from the Scholastic Book Club. One time the teacher brought in two big boxes - one box had the other kids orders and teachers books while the whole other box was mine all mine. I couldn't carry it home all at once so I took as many books as I could carry for three days straight. Ah, Ms. Bufano, my homeroom teacher that year - the only person I have ever known who saw the Beatles in concert - TWICE! - in Houston [1965] and Dallas [1964] during their first two US Tours.

Need this for my music room.