Sunday, May 30, 2010

Comics of the Week (5/26/10)

the Brave and the Bold #34 - I liked the idea of this issue (the original LSH members teaming with the original Doom Patrol) and I loved the cover. What fell flat though was J. Michael Straczynski's dialogue and story pacing. It just felt "off" to me. I guess I am in a minority as I don't always get this writer. I am considering dropping the book from my pull list.

Green Lantern #54 - not a great issue but I expected some down time after Blackest Night. Some of the other colored Corps are still on Earth, and this one deals with Red Lantern.

Justice League: Generation Lost #2 - this biweekly continues to lay down an interesting premise: Max Lord is back but no but the four (Booster, Fire, Ice, Captain Atom) remember him. Not sure where this one will end up, but I was a fan of the JLI era team so I am digging this mini.

Justice League: Rise of Arsenal #3 (of 4) - Ugh. I hate what DC is doing to Roy Harper with this mini. I get the loss, I get the anguish. I don't get the character becoming truly unlikeable. I am hoping for a major redemption arc in the future but I don't expect it will be very soon. Sigh.

Teen Titans #83 - Double ugh. Felicia Henderson's dialogue, pacing and overall storytelling might work for TV and "Gossip Girl" but it does not work here. These characters are so unrecognizable it is not funny. And I had anticipated the Coven Of Three back-up, but that didn't thrill me either. This book is officially dropped until a new lead writer comes on board. Enough is enough.

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