Saturday, April 17, 2010

Comics of the Week (4/14/10)

Adventure Comics #10/513 - once more a disjointed issue for me because it is tying into the Last Stand of New Krypton arc in the Superman titles. I'm still going to pick the book up because, as announced this week, the Atom (Ray Palmer) will be getting a feature in this book in three issues (#516). Looking forward to that as Ray had a major role in Blackest Night.

Booster Gold #31 - Dan Jurgens puts in his last issue on the title - but it nicely done. A good done-in-one kind of thing while being an epilogue to the last arc at the same time. That's kind of sad because I have loved this book under the guiding hand of Booster's creator. The good news, also announced this week, is that Dan is going to be the guiding force behind a Time Masters mini which will include Rip Hunter, Booster and other heroes searching for the missing Batman. Nice. Meanwhile next issue Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis take over this book. Not sure how I'll like that. It might mean the beginning of the end of Booster's run. We'll see.

Brightest Day #0 - the biweekly mini kicks off with a teaser issue of sorts, and count me as very happily teased. Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi do an outstanding job touching on all of the twelve resurrected from the end of Blackest Night. I'm very intrigued by what is going on with Deadman, and I love seeing Aquaman and Mera back together (and the same for the Hawks). The stuff with Firestorm as well as Hawk and Dove also have me wanting more. All in all, I am very pleased with who this mini will be focusing on over the coming years, and I am planning to pick up a number of other books that'll be falling under this banner. I love getting excited about a new title.

the Flash #1 - and speaking of, Barry Allen is finally back in his own title. Count me very excited for this one. Again, Geoff Johns does wonders and Francis Manapul's art fits this book nicely. It has a silver age feel with modern touches (like Barry and the CSI focus - very popular in modern TV dramas). So glad to have a good Flash book back in the pull-bag again.

Secret Six #20 - Gail Simone continues to rock this title, and J. Calafiore's art adds the creepy perfectly as always. Catman is between a rock and a hard place, and he makes a decision. Word of warning: don't cross Catman! This arc is going to get violent and messy, and this book serves that up so well. If you feel a little "unclean" and "disturbed" after reading this one (like I do), the creative team is doing their job properly. Oh, and Gail will be back doing the new Birds of Prey title - which I am so picking up. You know these books will cross over at some point, and I'll be loving that.

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