Friday, May 22, 2009

Comics of the Week (5/20/09)

Brave and the Bold #23 - this issue makes up for the lame fill-in over on Booster Gold this month. Dan Jurgens was here doing a BG/Magog story which was clearly meant to be part of the main title as a storyline. I am guessing their pulling the original four/six issue introduction of the Red Circle characters out of B&B and into their own mini left a void that needed to be filled. A good issue.

REBELS #4 - the space saga of Vril Dox and company continues as we also get bits from the various alien races behind the old Invasion mini too. Nice. The book is shaping up well as an interesting read each month. I like the writing and art on this one.

Trinity #51 - the penultimate issue. Lots going on and one issue left to wrap it all up. Let's see if Busiek and Bagley can pull it off.


KC Ryan said...

Are you reading Battle for the Cowl, the miniseries? Third issue came out yesterday, and man, it was really good.
Nothing all that surprising, I guess... other than Two-Face is run out of town, Penquin is arrested, the big bad guy pretending to be Black Mask remains unknown as to his identity, Damien is robin, Dick is now Bats, Tim is probably going to be Red Robin...

All in all, a really exciting comic!


Martin said...

KC, I am not reading that. I did go to wikipedia though and get a plot synopsis. Interesting stuff, but clearly just a bridge over to the regular titles to follow. I'm really going with less books lately and not adding more.